Avery Grace ✦16 ✦ Sophmore✦ Straight✦  Ariana Grande ✦ Taken

Tell us a little about yourself, Avery.

“I am Avery. I am 16. I’m the president of the student council. I Editor of the paper. I am captain of the cheer squad. I maintain a straight A average. I am ,as my parents like to say, perfect.”

 What is your favorite pastime activity?

” Well, I really don’t have what you would call’down time’ I am pretty much booked all the time. I usually don’t have a single moment free to myself. If i’m not busy with the Student Council, I am busy with Cheerleading. I don’t mind though, I never get bored, nor am I left alone with my thoughts. So, being busy like I am is more of a blessing than it is a curse.”

→ One thing you wish to accomplish in life?

“I hope to accomplish all my goal. They wouldn’t be called goals if I didn’t plan to finish them, correct?”

✦ Avery seems very straight laced on the outside,but on the inside she is anything but. She has everything on her plate. Her parents riding her to be perfect the stress just gets to her. Avery considers herself a weekend alcoholic. She tries to stay drunk, high, anything that makes her forget everything from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Avery calls that her ‘me’ time. Avery has always been bit of a partier growing up. She started at 13,and it just got progressively worse as she got older. Avery takes anything and everything no drug or drink is off limits to her. She figures if she can work as hard as she can during the week then she deserves a little down time to do whatever she wants. Avery hides her secret well, though. No one at Fortsworth is the wiser. They all think she is this innocent goody goody who has never done a single thing wrong. Avery is very stubborn she likes things done her way or no way. That’s why she fought so hard to be the President of the Student Council and Cheer captain, it is rare for sixteen year old to achieve what Avery has, but she did it because she was determined.

 ☑ Stubborn

 ☑ Sarcastic 

 ☑ Controlling 

→ Relationships

  • N/A

→ Darkest Secret

  • Substance abuse
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